Loafers Bar - Cork, Ireland

03 March, 2014

Established in 1983, Loafers Bar is known as the Oldest Gay Bar in Ireland. Most often described as a “cozy pub,” its laidback, friendly atmosphere attracts a diverse clientele, although it’s generally more popular with the ladies. The staff are friendly and approachable giving the bar a real feeling of community and familiarity. It’s the pub where everyone knows your name, unless of course you’re visiting from far away, in which case it’s the pub where you’ll be sure to make fast friends.

Entertainment is never lacking at Loafers Bar. Weekly karaoke nights, hosted by Sam Dee, give patrons the opportunity to let loose and show their stuff, while bingo nights offer up the change to win rather substantial jackpots in the hundreds of euros. During rugby season, both men’s and women’s games can be found on the TV and the bar provides pizza during half time. And of course, no cozy local pub would be complete without a pool table.

The beer garden provides a welcome breath of fresh air, or smoky air, depending on your perspective, and its welcoming benches and heat lamps allow for the enjoyment of year round outdoor drinking.

Loafers Bar has been the site of many great conversations and shenanigans. Now in their 31st year, it’s a must see for any gays visiting Ireland.

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