Club XLarge - Istanbul, Turkey

01 August, 2014

X-Large is a riotous club located at El Hamra Cinema in Istanbul, Turkey. The massive space was converted from an old theater to a dance club, but it has kept with its history for theatrical flare with stage performances on club nights. Drag queens, gogo boys (and ladies!) and cabaret shows entertain club goers in a fashion that we’ve rarely seen in gay nightlife. Don't be surprised to see a team of hunks dressed as S&M versions of Lady Gaga giving way to a boys belly-dancing in burkas. We guarantee it is wild! In addition to the great shows, X-Large keeps the dance going with top-notch DJs.

The club used to be exclusively gay, a risky affair in a Muslim country, but the reputation for throwing one of the best weekly parties in Istanbul has spread and the club now attracts a more mixed crowd. Club-goers consistently comment on the friendly staff, so expect warm service.

X-Large is open every Friday and Saturday, with occasional special events on other nights. Since the show doesn’t start until 2am, we recommend that you don't even think about arriving before midnight. Since the opening times and special events tend to be a little fluid, we recommend visiting their website or Facebook page for the latest information and hours.

Atatürk Oto Sanayi Sitesi (AOS Sitesi)
52 Sk No 12/1
Maslak, Şişli, Turkey (Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey)
Tel: +90 530 491 0 888 / 0 212 243 35 33

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